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The Sail Training Forum conference

Zaktualizowano: 7 paź 2021

Sail Training Forum took place on April 14. During the event, key players involved in various forms of Sail Training in our country were invited to give presentations.

1. Captain Wiktor Wróblewski presented the scout marine education provided at the Maritime Education Centre;

2. Captain Remigiusz Trzaska discussed Sail Training on student cruises, known from the deck of STS POGORIA;

3. Captain Wojciech Wacowski from Seattle recalled his 6-year experience from the Canadian Sailing School;

4. Captain Wojciech Maleika presented his experiences and views on Sail Training on small vessels;

5. The captain of the STS General Zaruski, Piotr Królak, presented the activities under the Maritime Education Program in Gdańsk;

6. Director Jerzy Raducha from the Sailing Centre in Szczecin talked about various forms of Sail Training in the Szczecin Region;

7. Captain Janusz Zbierajewski presented his experiences from cruises with the participation of people with disabilities;

8. Captain Adam Wiśniewski gave a lecture on equal opportunities and Sail Training.

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