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Adam Wiśniewski is the winner of the 2021 Captain Wiktorowicz Award

Zaktualizowano: 7 paź 2021

Captain Adam Wiśniewski, founder and president of the Ocean of Dreams Foundation, has won the 2021 Captain Leszek Wiktorowicz Award. Special Award went to Gdynia Maritime University.

Captain Adam Wiśniewski is the originator of the Youth Sailing Education Program, which focuses on discovering strengths in boys and girls from family-run and institutional Children’s Homes to enable them to fulfil their dreams and achieve their goals in everyday life. This is achieved by the program with its main elements being sea and inland cruises. Despite the pandemic limitations, the program has not been interrupted. Seven cruises were organized, implementing an innovative solution based on the application of the principle of "one yacht - one address" so that pupils and educators from the same facility could take part in the cruise. 2020 was the tenth year of running the program. Over the years, the Foundation run 56 cruises and training sessions in Masuria and 18 sea cruises in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea for 900 young participants.

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