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An orphanage is one of the most terrifying things that can happen to a young man at the start of life. Some young people entering adulthood plunge into hopelessness, or even deeper - into the darkness of the criminal world.

The youth from care and educational institutions often fail when trying to become independent. It is a difficult period and entering the labour market may prove beyond reach for many of them. Not because they are inferior, but because they have not been properly prepared and do not get enough support. This was also reported by the Supreme Audit Office in 2015.

    about pain and lonelines.

Sailing helps children build their self-esteem. Whilst on a cruise, they can discover their abilities, develop talents, learn to be responsible for themselves and others.


Introducing the youth from Children’s Homes into adulthood is a great challenge.


"It is great to see how young people on board the yacht learn to cooperate, make friendships, gain faith in their strength and achieve goals through their own work" - says the coach, Capt. Adam Wiśniewski. “It is often during these cruise that they stop feeling inferior to others for the first time. A lot of people are unaware of the positive impact this has on their lives."


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Working on a ship, although demanding, offers many opportunities. As a Navigator / Mechanic Officer, our protégés not only gain access to well-paid jobs, but also travel all over the world. They work in an international environment on various types of vessels, getting training and promotion.

It is one of the few education paths that provides an opportunity to earn a living in the first job right after school!

                            - SAILOR

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