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Sailing is a great tool for working with young people. On board yachts, we teach young adepts all about responsibility, cooperation, independence, initiative, and work organization. It is during cruises in the Masuria Lake District and the Baltic Sea that adepts develop discipline and broaden their horizons.


During the Youth Sailing Education Programme, young people:

  • learn responsibility, cooperation, help and fraternity,

  • develop independence, initiative and work organizational skills,

  • develop their strengths and broaden horizons,

  • develop discipline, reliability, and tolerance,

  • learn positive social behaviour attitudes.

           from orphanages

Kotwica 1

Working on a ship, although demanding, offers many opportunities. As a Navigator / Mechanic Officer, our protégés not only have access to well-paid jobs, but also travel all over the world. They learn and work in an international environment on various types of vessels learning and getting promoted.

Maritime school education opens the door to a new world. It is an opportunity to break out of the local environment, to set new goals and achieve them.

    in maritime schools

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All cadets start their journey in the Masuria Lake District. Then they set off into the world as officers on large yachts, where they acquire the necessary skills to command training vessels. That's where they start off with their first paid job. By performing the function of Educators, Managers, Sailing Instructors and cadets on merchant ships, they gain skills required both offshore and in their adult life.

Learning on board is the gateway to another world. It is a chance to break out of the vicious circle of hopelessness, to set new goals and achieve them.

     as a skipper, a cadet.

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